ETERNITY Dream Lip - Soft, healthy lips. Scientifically developed lip cream

Soft, healthy lips

Scientifically developed lip cream


UV rays in summer, dryness in winter, aging, stress… your lips can easily display signs of damage due to their unique cell structure as the border between skin and delicate mucous membrane. Despite this, do you find yourself prioritizing your regular skin care over your lips? Most people aren't sure of the most effective ways to keep their lips looking healthy and full.

< Lip Cream > 8g
4400 yen ( including tax )


Recommended for lips that are:

Dry irritated
Cracked splitting
Chapped painful
Pale bluish

Lip characteristics and Dream Lip cream

Lips have many unique characteristics due to forming the border between skin and mucosa.

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* A solution formed from a number of compounding agents