What is thermal sweating BOX “Sanus Relax”

This is the one-person box that isi the special natural stone plastered on the entire surface, and generates far-infrared rays and negative ion same as wavelength of far-infaresd rays emitted by the human body. As this room is at 40~55℃, even the person who does not have confidence in physucal strength can enter safely. For 30 mimutes in it, you can warm from the core of the body and sweat unbelievably and exhaust waste material and toxin. At the same time, it will prompt the production of a topical protein HSP ( heat shock protein ) that will refresh various aspects of the body.

Effect of far-infrared rays

Far-infared rays (8~14µm) emitted by the human body.

  • Temperature rises, and metabolism power and immunity improve.
  • Better bloodstream makes cell active.
  • By mitochondrial activity, collagen generating ability improves
  • Detox effect due to the sweat
  • Generation of HSP.

Effect of negative ion

Negative ion effect 1000 times as much as daily life.

  • The ion reduces the active oxygen.

What is HSP (heat shock protein)?

  • What is HSP (heat shock protein)?
    Increased protein by warming body, and does important job in the body.
  • Will it be used in medical care?
    The application to the stage of the art anticancer agent will be expected in the medical field.
  • How does it work?
    It protects a cell from the stress such as alcohol and ultraviolet rays. and deeply involves in making collagen.
    • Tension of the skin
    • The shiny hair
    • Fatigue and stress are relieved
  • Is it effective for exercise?
    Because it is said that ability to make collagen rises, it is also said muscle and joint become soft and strong.

It is also recommended for such persons.

  • being long ill
  • concerned about health maintenance
  • unknown cause of poor health

Sales price (tax excluded)

Purchase of initial expense 1,280,000yen (tax excluded)
(Basic standard type)

Product specifications

Term of guaranteeThree years
Basic standardInsulated plywood structure (special press adhesion / outer wall of laminate)
Standard size W130×D100×H160 (Custaum made is acceptable)
Far infrared ray emissivityMore than 90% of black body ratio (8-14µm more than 90%)
Negative ion generative numberMore than 1,500 / cc

Training contents

  • The advice for the individual situation of the people who is received treatment of beauty or another.
  • Training fee is included in sales price.
  • Questions and answers